Janesa's How Lucky You Are 


Ch Carleez dr zeuss

Ch Sundown's Hide N Zeek

Ch Janesa's N Jan-Shar's Chance

Ch wee hearts glen iris talisman

Janesa's Lots of Kisses to Jan-Shar

Ch Janesa's Traditional Trend CD

Ch rock n tradition of oakridge

Janesa's Trend Wind

Ch janesa's southern sundown

Ch janesa's hush puppy

Ch Jan-Shar's The Terminater of Janesa

Jan-Shar Lucille Ball

Janesa's don't forsake me

creiders private screening 

berry wee heart sugar gold

Janesa's  N KAcee's kiss me

Tookeyes The goldsmith

Tookeyes welch gold. 

Ch tookeyes toy boy

Tookeyes the happy flute

Toybox Vanilla Ice at tookeyes

Ch Mullerskazar sungolds illusion at toyboy

 Toyboy american pie

Janesa's she's a  Natural at kacees 

Jan-Shar N Janesa's Hurrah

Tookeyes the Goldsmith

Shar's wildwood flower

Janesa's absolutely Natural

Sun-Dot Shooting Star

 Janesa's It's Natural