Janesa's Be All You Can Be


Janesa's How Lucky You Are

Ch. Carleez Dr Zeuss

Ch Sundown's Hide N Zeek

Ch Janesa's N Jan-Shar's Chance

Ch Janesa's Traditional Trend CD

Ch Janesa's Southern Sundown

Ch janesa's hush puppy

Janesa's Don't Forsake Me

Janesa's  N KaCee's Kiss me

Tookeyes The Goldsmith

Tookeyes Welch Gold

Toybox Vanilla Ice at Tookeyes

Janesa's She's a  Natural at Kacees 

Jan-Shar N Janesa's Hurrah

Janesa's Absolutely Natural

Bar-Jon N' Janesa's Rave 

Ch Janesa's Fashion Statement

Ch Janesa N Jan-Shar's By George

Ch Wee Hearts Glen Iris Talisman

Hi Line Janesa's Trend

Janesa's Fashion Trend

Ch Janesa's Very Special Jan-Shar

Hi Line Janesa's Trend

Bar-Jon's Rave Revue

Ch Sun-Dot's Command Performance

Ch Muller's Encore

Sun-Dot's Ramboling Holly

Bar-Jons Summer Revue

Creider's Private Screening

Bar-Jon's Lil Cricket Master


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