Janesa's For Lynne's Sake - Lyndy

Ch Janesa's For Keep-Sake

Ch Jan-Shar's The Terminator of Janesa

Ch Doo-Shay's Absolute

Ch Stolannes Stormy Sequel

Doo Shay's Eva Kaneeva

Jan-Shar's Pretty As A Picture

Ch Jan-Shar's In Living Color

Jan-Shar's Nicki

Berry's Wee Heart Sugar Gold 

Wee Hearts Strike It Rich

Ch Wee Hearts Bit Of Gold Dust

Wee Hearts Good as Gold

Wee Hearts Sweet Carress

Wee Hearts Sugar Nugget

Scotia Meg's Corey Lovebug

 Janesa'sN Jan-Shar'sLynn

 Tookeyes The Goldsmith

Tookeyes Welch Gold

Ch Tookeyes Toyboy

Tookeyes The Happy Flute

 Toybox Vanilla Ice at Tookeyes

Ch Muller Kazar Sungold Illusion AT

Toybox American Pie

Janesa's and Jan-Shar's Sonya 

Ch Jan-Shar's Very Special Berry

Ch Bev-Nor's Southland Rambo

Hanson's Dolly Parton

Ch Janesa's Glen Iris Starstruck

Ch Jamels Fugicle of Southland

Ch Janesa's Glen Iris Sorceress


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