Dogs From the Past

                                   Quincy - Ch Glen Iris Sweet Consequence

                                  Anni - Ch Southpaws Luck of the Draw

                                                                                            Cat - Rivendell's Moonshadow

                                                                                            Rivendell's Poor Butterfy

                                                                                              Picasso - Ch Janesa's Dressed Enuff  for KC

                                                                                            Amber - Kalo's Scotch on the Rocks

                                                                                           Peaches - Rivendell's Peach Bellini

                                            Joy - Janesa's Jump For Joy

                                                                     Selina - Rivendell's Painted Moon

                                          Reno - Janesa's You're So Lucky

                                   Melinda - Rivendell N Janesa's Melinda

                                           Minnie - Rivendell N Janesa's Harmony

                                  Nina - Janesa's Nearly Natural

                                                            Spud - Rivendell's Hot Potato

                                                                 Cher - Rivendell N Janesa's Moonstruck

                                                                                      Pansy - Janesa's Take A Bow                                                      

                                                                                Mandy - Royal Tee's Amanda at Rivendell

                                                                             Chloe - Royal Tee's Chloe at Rivendell

                                                                          Carson - Royal Tee's Carson at Rivendell