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  Baxter debuted at Biloxi and was shown only two days: 

 On July 29,2005 he was WD and Best Bred By under Judge Paula Hardinger for a 3 point major

On July 31st,2005 he was WD, Best of Winners and Best Bred By under Judge  Julie Holm for another 3 point major.

AKC later disqualified Baxter because of a paperwork error, but as you can see from the pictures, he's a winner

Baxter was WD and BoW at Atlanta Thurs, Aug 23 2005 under Judge Daryl Vice 

Also at Atlanta, Baxter was WD on Sunday, Aug 25 2005 under Judge Betty Krause

Baxter was BoW under Judge Paula Hardinger at the Chattanooga Kennel Club show 9-17-2005

Baxter was WD under judge Jean Fournier at Chattenooga on 9-18-2005

Baxter was Best of Breed over a Special at Atlanta 9-23-2005 under Judge Gareth Morgan Jones

Baxter was Best In Sweepstakes at The Memphis Toy Dog Show 10-7-2005 under Judge Cathy J Gish

Baxter was Best of Winners at the Memphis Toy Dog Show 10-7-2005 under Judge Sharon Griffin

Baxter took back to back major wins in Marietta Ga, Oct 28 & 29, 2005 under judges Maxine Beam and David Krogh to finish his AKC Championship


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